🌎6D Meta


6D Meta means 6-digit .btc names from 000000.btc to 999999.btc. All 6D.btc can be free mint by "First is First" rule.

The first three digits of the number are the vertical coordinates and the last three digits are the horizontal coordinates,The project ensuring a fair launch, free engraving, and equal participation:

6D Meta will be numbered from 000000.btc to 999999.btc, using freemint, allowing everyone to engrave for free in a fair and unrestricted manner.

Ocean: From 000000.btc to 099999.btc will serve as the ocean area.

Land: From 100000.btc to 899999.btc will be designated as open space.

Mine: From 900000.btc to 999999.btc will be designated as volcanic veins.

Allowing anyone and project teams to freely develop on land of 6D Meta.

6D Meta Mint Map Tool

URL : https://bdid.io/bulkreg?tab=6DMeta

Mint Steps:

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