Chapter 3:The Inspiration Source of BRC-20

After some time, around on February 20th, there was a person who came up with a whimsical idea of adding a string of JSON code to the domain name, creating a gimmick. They even created an official Twitter account, as shown in the image below, to promote this idea. The text containing the domain name was engraved as an inscription, and they changed the suffix to ".sats," with "sat" representing "satoshi." This form of adding code laid the foundation for the later development of BRC20 tokens. Due to the gimmick of adding code, several influential individuals started promoting it vigorously, and soon the .sats domain became widely known. There was even a person who inscribed over 2,000 4D.sats domains in one night. This form of adding code eventually inspired the inventor of BRC20 to launch the experimental project of creating tokens on the BTC blockchain.

Fun Fact: .btc name(ordinals protocol) actually came before .sats with its earliest inscription at #18681

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