Chapter 1:The History and Development of .btc Domain Names

Let's talk about the history of BTC domain names.In fact, as early as ten years ago, even earlier than ENS, the BTC community had proposed to do such things as BTC domain names, due to that BTC has no original smart contract, no result in the end.

And then many people did domain project in various ways, included in ETH ecology, as a result, ENS on ETH became popular. However, the separate management of BTC domain projects have always failed to unify the market, because they cannot reach consensus because of every man for himself. Such as, .bit domain name on Ethereum, .btc name on Stx sidechain,and so on,there are many projects, big and small, related to .BTC domain that is completely centralized . But these domain names projects are not native to BTC, so they are not on the BTC mainnet either.

However, The arrival of Ordinals brings hope for true decentralization in the realm of BTC domain name, people are fervently inscribing various texts, letters, numbers, words, images, and audio/video content into the BTC blockchain, until on February 9th, someone in some corner of the world had a sudden idea, and he inscribed a "godoftunder.btc" text,#18681 .a few days later, "0.btc" was inscribed, "1.btc" was next. When others see this, they begin to imitate fervently, and soon all the digital texts are inscribed, leading to the legendary story of truly decentralized BTC domain names.

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