Set Your First .btc Primary Name

As the Oridinals Primary Name Protocol(Solution B) says, transfer a .btc name to yourself, you will get a Primay Name.

Step 1. Transfer a .btc name to yourself

1.1 Take UniSat Wallet as example, select one of your .btc names and click "Send".

1.2 Input your .btc name or your wallet address in the Recipient input, please check the address is your wallet address, then click "Next" button.

1.3 Click "Sing & Pay" button.

Wait for the transaction is confirmed.

Step 2. Login to Check Your Primary Name

After the transaction is confirmed in the Step1, you can open , then click "Connect Wallet" button. If you are already login, you can logout first.

After you connect your wallet, it should show your Primary Name set in Step1. If it done not show your Primary Name, maybe there is a litter latency, you can logout and login again.

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